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This is the process of improving and increasing the capabilities of staff through access to education and training opportunities in the workplace, through outside organization, or through watching others perform the job. Trainings, Certifications, Meet-ups, Case studies, Conferences, Couching and Mentoring are key part of the professional development practices in Coherent Solutions.


  • Young professionals with little experience can improve in Coherent Solutions, after successfully completing corporate trainings. Trainings can be both formal and informal. We train Java, .NET and C ++ developers, frontend and mobile, BI and DevOps specialists, QA automation and manual, project managers, business analysts and UX masters.
    • Practical learning by doing, not just by listening
    • Class exercises based on real cases
    • Self-training materials
    • Case studies and experience share
    Our trainings and beginners classes give the foundational knowledge you need, straight from the pros who know. The courses provide practical knowledge and skills applicable to real-world company projects.
  • Professional development is the key to the success of an IT specialist. The company has developed a system of continuous training of employees in the workplace. During the year are organized lectures and trainings for all interested Coherent Solutions employees on the most relevant topics. Knowledge share and joint work between other Coherent Solutions offices are performed on a regular basis.
    • Individual approach
    • Practical learning by example
    • Case studies and experience share
    • Open forum
    Every Coherent Solution employee is able to prepare and perform internal training open for everyone. With knowledge exchange we are keeping up-to-date with latest technology solutions. External trainings and certifications courses are also part of the performed activities.


Our certifications and training programs are focused on the personal needs and desire for improvement. When defining and creating the trainings, we study the needs for education and content, which correspond to the company objectives and the target group needs.

We conduct certifications and training for the people in the company, including:

Leadership Development

People management, strategic thinking and planning, personal effectiveness and time management, conflict management

Technical Skills

based on the personal profile - Microsoft certifications, CISCO certifications, AWS Certification, Agile and PMI certifications, BA certifications, Development trainings,

Coaching and Mentoring

Improve the level of motivation, engagement and effectiveness, personal development

Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication, Negotiations, Problem solving and decision making, Team work skills


  • For the exchange of experience and discussion of technological innovations, we regularly conduct numerous meetings. Any Coherent Solutions employee can prepare a report and take part in the discussion of a topic of interest. Several dozens of meetings are gathered annually on various topics: backend and frontend technologies, databases, new frameworks and versions of popular programming languages, test automation tools and much more.
    In addition to technology, Meetups are held for professional development in domain areas. Coherent Solutions employees share expertise in the medical, financial, wearable devices and Internet of Things areas. Many participants gather Meetups on the nuances of working in a multicultural environment, interacting with the customer, building an effective team. At the request of the authors, reports can undergo training on public speaking skills, presentation design and communication with the audience.


Every year, Coherent Solution and ISsoft gathers over 300 of its employees and guests in Minsk for an open ISsoft Insights technology conference. We share our knowledge collected over 15 years of successful work in the field of software development. Our reports are based on practical experience in applying various technologies in industrial or R & D projects of Coherent Solutions and ISsoft.

The conference includes more than 20 reports from leading specialists in three different streams:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Business Analysis, UX, Project Management
Also, workshops are held in a separate stream for those who want not only to get new knowledge, but to immediately put it into practice.

Topics of presentations at the ISsoft Insights 2018 summer conference:

  • Q-learning machine learning in examples
  • Practical experience in implementing BDD / Gherkin on projects
  • Accessibility in modern applications
  • and much more…
Every year Coherent Solutions participate on external technological and business forums, conferences and specialized events in Bulgaria, Untied States and Belarus.